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Since each lake is different in shape and size, water flow pattern, aquatic plant species and type of use, the development of an effective aquatic vegetation … Meaning, whenever any weed gets carried in on the back of an animal or a bird, I mix a small amount of Reward with some dish soap and water, … Whitecap Aquatic Herbicide found in: SePRO Sonar A.S. Outdoor Living. For ponds 10 acres o Spritflo® herbicide (Fluridone) controls duckweed and nearly all submerged pond weed varieties, except algae.. Sonar, registered and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is an aquatic herbicide containing fluridone. One may also use Sonar (White Cap), a fluridone product, to the pond in order to kill the watermeal. Sonar® A.S. will remove unwanted weeds from your lake or pond for a year or longer with a single treatment. Active Ingredient 41.7% Fluridone (Substitute for Sonar® AS) Allow 30 - 45 days for best results ; Great for entire bodies of water but not meant for treating a portion of a pond or lake. Hi, I downloaded the sonarqube 6. Excessive outflow dilutes Sonar A.S. and reduces the chance of control. Treat your entire pond. Ponds being treated this year are Griffiths Pond near Milford, Concord Pond near Seaford, and Wagamons Pond in Milton. Best control is obtained when discharge can be stopped for thirty days or longer. Treatment of severe infestations of these plants may cause a fish kill due to reduced dissolved oxygen from the decay of large amounts of plant material. SONAR Q - 8lb Pail - Sonar Q is the fastest-releasing Sonar pellet in a quick, easy-to-apply formulation that selectively manages undesirable aquatic vegetation for a year or longer.Sonar Q has the efficient concentration level of a liquid, but provides for more accurate placement. The kicker is I'm writing this review about 4 years later and our pond is still in great shape which I find incredible. *Consult label for exact dosage and treatment directions. Sonar provides excellent control of many difficult to control weeds, while allowing desirable vegetation to remain. Sonar Q Granular with fluridone is a systemic herbicide for controlling weeds in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, irrigation canals and drainage ditches. Cost Considerations Sonar A.S. is a selective, systemic, root killing herbicide, which means it targets weeds while allowing desirable plants to remain. This pond weed killer is a specialty aquatic herbicide that controls almost all pond weeds. Sonar RTU Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz Ready To Use Formula Sonar RTU is a systemic aquatic herbicide formulated for long term control of aquatic weeds. Whether it is a water feature on a golf course, reservoirs for recreational use or drinking water, municipal or industrial applications, or commercial fisheries, ultrasound technology provides a chemical-free alternative for managing algae. To date, no comprehensive studies have been carried Sonar® RTU is a ready-to-use liquid aquatic herbicide. A Final Word. My routine is simple; Treat the entire pond with Sonar that I get from Newtechbio (best prices around). Any product not absorbed by the treated plants is broken ... treatment. Aeration, particularly at night, for several days after treatment may help control the oxygen depletion. Treatment Pond‟s are decidedly complex and poorly understood. Slow reaction time makes this pond treatment safe for fish. NewTechBio : - Septic System Root Killer Lake and Pond Grease Treatments Herbicides/Algaecides Accessories Turf and Landscape Pesticides/Repellents Mold Remediation Pool & Spa Septic System Root Killer Lake and Pond Grease Treatments Herbicides/Algaecides Accessories Turf and Landscape … Sonar AS Aquatic Herbicide 8 oz Sonar A.S. is a systemic aquatic herbicide formulated for long term control of aquatic weeds. Slow reaction time makes this pond treatment safe for fish. Sonar RTU is … Herbicide treatments for duckweed and/or watermeal should be done before the plants cover a large portion of the pond. The pellets will land where they are thrown, … Water Treatments Formulated to Restore Ecological Balance in Aquatic Environments - Microbelift Bacteria and Algae Control to keep your Pond Clean and Clear. Very effective on duckweed and milfoil. 2007). Product Label Product SDS Adding Clipper (a fluoride based product) to Tsunami will aid in its success in killing watermeal. WATERMEAL, solutions for pond and lake owners! Sonar makes water usable for recreation, brings the fish population back into balance and restores property values; all without any restrictions on post-treatment swimming, fishing or drinking. For specific irrigation use questions, call SePRO Corporationat 1-866-869-8521. • DO NOTapply this product through any type of irrigation No other aquatic herbicide on the planet is more effective on duckweed, period. Many ponds suffer from duckweed and … Depth profiling via remotely-controlled boats using sonar in Wastewater Treatment Ponds, WWTPs, has been proposed as an alternative to the traditional practice of surveying with manned boats.

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