what is my occupation if i am unemployed

Your picture is the first thing networking contacts and employers who are sourcing candidates are going to notice, so make sure it's a good one. Do not carry items that may indicate that you're looking to stay in the country for a long time or seek employment (e.g. Well, your occupation can sometimes affect you premium, that's why Martin made a handy little gadget (occupation picker?). @BurhanKhalid That's a particular case of, "How likely is the person to be lying about the purpose and length of the visit?". My wife who is unemployed wrote down her occupation as "housemaker" and she had her approval recently. Member. I want to IMMIGRATE I want a WORK PERMIT I want to STUDY I want to INVEST I want to SPONSOR I'm new to CANADA I am an EMPLOYER I want LEGAL HELP I want to overcome INADMISSIBILITY. Ergo, suggest you state your 'profession' in this field and not N/A >>5th: Date … If I am currently unemployed, what should I put for Occupation and Business Address details: 1) housewife 2) unemployed 3) last job ( plus their address?) For example: taxi driver, reporter, musician, doctor, lifeguard, sales person, cashier, etc. Classification Principle 2 states that "Occupations are classified based on work performed and, in some cases, on the skills, education, and/or training needed to perform the work." If they pursue it they'll expect to see enrolment in something recognisable as an educational establishment, not a "teach yourself Latin" book. I could convince the agent that I had enough resources to sustain my living and that I didn't search a job in Canada, but I would not recommend this situation. You may enter that you are retired for your occupation. If you're doing freelance or consulting work, another option is to list your company as "Self-employed." It probably depends on the country and particularly your length of stay. If you're old enough to retire, perhaps frame it as "early retirement". Fill in homemaker, unemployed or other appropriate description. You never lie. A. I am going to fill out the paper work to get my ccw permit but have lost my job and am wondering since on the paper work it asks for occupation if I put down unemployed is that going to defeat my chances of getting aproved for my permit. When you’re unemployed, updating your LinkedIn profile can get complicated in a hurry. Should You Update Your LinkedIn Profile—Or Not? I am visiting Germany for a job interview. This year I filed and listed my occupation as Unemployed. The sentence, as written, applies to the case "you want to keep your job secret" (i.e. For example: If you decide to mention that you're looking for a new job and you'd like the help of your network, here are some examples of what to list: Listing your current position can be a dilemma, as well. Take a look at the picture you're using and decide if it reflects the professional you. I just graduated from my university and am accepted in a Summer School in Hungary related to my studies, for two weeks. You can also reach out to former managers and colleagues and request a LinkedIn recommendation. “I’m available immediately.” Hopefully, you haven’t lied to your prospective employer and said you have a job when you actually don’t. Therefore, I … Even if it's not strictly required, you should carry with you things like: you proof of sufficient funds, onwards travel ticket that takes you out of the country, proof or already-booked (and ideally already-paid-for) accommodations, proof of insurance (so that an unexpected illness will not leave you without funds), proof of ties to your home country, etc. But if you're e.g. (Only make this request to people who you have a good relationship with.) Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. If you don't tell them, it could (somehow) invalidate your insurance. Insurance continuing if unemployed. Do you have a custom LinkedIn URL? I found this through searching the web for help after I just completely freaked out at my unemployed Husband, in front of my 13 year old Son. So if you’re among those who filed a claim for benefits so far, it’s important to know that you’ll likely need to pay taxes in 2021 on the unemployment compensation you receive in 2020. This answer is mostly bad advice: you're suggesting covering up a fairly small problem (being unemployed) by making a much bigger problem (bending the truth or lying). Is Mega.nz encryption secure against brute force cracking from quantum computers? I am not looking for work, so am not registered at the Job Centre. I-864 Affidavit of Support … I'm looking to renew my car insurance and have noticed insurers load the premium if you are unemployed. When it comes to dating, that fear can be amplified. People who rely on benefits have a bad image in the media – unfairly so. you're "intentionally unemployed"), you could say that you're taking a "sabbatical year" or something. How is my occupation value set? OH, NO! Whatever the official reason for your visit, the immigration agent will likely react if you have no job. In my personal experience, I always answer what my occupation is … New Member ‎April 1, 2020 3:06 PM. Should the occupation for a none working spouse be left blank or filled something else? What are my rights when I am unemployed? How likely is it to get asked about your job in detail by Immigration? 1 6,076 Reply. DO NOT lie to immigration officials. Left-aligning column entries with respect to each other while centering them with respect to their respective column margins. My question is -will her current status be a negative and make her ineligible.If not what should i mention as her current occupation - housewife / unemployed. The IRS never gave me a problem. Canada Immigration Network . It’s the same for stay-at-home parents: if ticking “unemployed” instead of “housewife” or “home keeper” option, applicants could see their costs rise by 26%. By Denise Caldwell Updated March 28, 2017 Some taxpayers operate hobby businesses while others work two jobs to earn extra income. Usually the chances to be denied will be higher when applying for a visa, not when crossing a border. My wife(US citizen) is unemployed and I am currently working fulltime on OPT. Sometimes you’re unemployed, and you really don’t want to talk about it. Why problem? For example, she suggests adding a line to your cover letter saying something like, “Returning to full-time employment after caring for an ill family member, I am eager to contribute my 15 years’ experience in (career field) to benefit your company.” I am not well-versed in FL unemployment but no matter what state you are in, try to document everything you remember about your time there while it is fresh in your mind. Thanks Tags: unemployed. Keeping people in jail is very expensive: they have to feed you and guard you and build more jails because you're taking up space they could put a murderer in, and stuff like that. I tallied up my income for quarters as I filed for unemployment with my state but I got informed I … I was once entering Canada for a long stay (I did not need a visa) after a first long stay. Technically, "unemployed" means that you're looking for work and you're unable to find it (which is why it sounds so bad). On my weekly unemployment claim there is no option for reporting this. 4.5 stars 19 reviews. How can I get help? If you earn money as software developer, why not fill out software developer, if they ask further you can say you are self employed or between employers. Be honest about what you do, but saying you are a "beginning self-employed travel writer after a career change" will not get you in the country, while answering you are a "manager" (if that's actually your past job) and adding (only if asked) that you are on a sabbatical (no one needs to know you are trying a new unstable career at that specific moment) is probably good enough. of the visit (could the person be secretly looking for illegal employment, etc)? And, after a couple of months of being unemployed, it's probably best that you update your profile. Is someone who writes their job as “unemployed” on an immigration card and customs application more likely to be delayed or denied entry? Many countries require tourists (and rules might be even stricter for other types of visit) to have a solid reason to go back to their home country. I have already filled out my unemployment paperwork online. Convicting you of espionage in a court would take a lot of effort and has a high burden of proof. So, depending of course on what country you're in, immigration offences are more likely to get you put on the next flight home, at your own expense. Highlighted. If you do not find a job right away, the job centre will make a plan for your job search and present different types of activities that can help you finding a job. And you'd be right. Use terms like "manager", "businessman", "engineer", "agent", "civil servant", ... As for luggage, during my experience it was thoroughly searched but I don't think they were searching for something specific - maybe a printed resume - I took it more as a way to annoy me. I pay taxes on the pension amount and have been filing as Retired under occupation box. Even though I quit my job for that trip, I said my expected occupation. For instance, you could change it to "Open to opportunities.". Consider using the same professional image on all of your work-related social accounts. In addition, the entry adds a bit of context to the deductions and credits that you claim on your return. My son has just bought himself another car to use for commuting, he's wisely decided to make the Subaru a toy. Options for when you're out of work include stating it in your profile, or not mentioning it at all. I'm an unemployed IT Pro (for just over a year). If you say you're unemployed, your interview will be longer; if they think you're lying, you're sunk. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits for the days I’m off? They used to use the reported occupations for statistical purposes. (Even if you find a better term than "unemployed", all of my advice about carrying proof with you still applies). How can I improve after 10+ years of chess? Maybe you write, maybe you take photograph. One option for getting around listing the fact that you're unemployed is to leave your LinkedIn profile as is, without updating it. Even though the sick days were a secondary reason, be prepared to explain that it was necessary, so if you have proof of a Doctor's appointment or have an Rx, save it. Originally posted by acer99 View Post. So, you should have really good answers to all 3 questions. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. It's a newly created position due to work overload. However, many of the questions the immigration officer asks you when you try to enter the country are asked as much to see your reaction as to obtain literal information. to check that the items you are carrying are consistent with the purpose of your trip). 513 thoughts on “ Claimant FAQs about Unemployment Insurance and COVID-19 ” Cynthia L Hill March 20, 2020 at 6:55 am. @Blaszard: Please edit the useful information (such as not getting income for your work) into your question; comments are meant to be ephemeral. What should I write on forms that - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer . What should I write on forms that - Answered by a verified Immigration Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Before I became a carer I was out of work so insurance company classed me as unemployed which costs more, but I've been caring for almost 1 year now, I've done comparisons and it is £70.00 cheaper with me caring,but I'm unsure if I'm recognised as a carer? The more secure job, the higher social status you have at home, the better chances you have to get in a country without troubles. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Best Wishes 1664 The best way to do that is to clarify your situation in your position descriptions. CanadaVisa.com CIC News Canadian Immigration … @Wayne I had the same impression. Does Texas have standing to litigate against other States' election results? You may, however, want to rethink how you present your unemployment. @Michael They throw you out for being a spy, then bring you back and throw you out again for lying! My trip is being sponsored by my dad and his funds are enough to support the travel. In many cases (e.g., the USA), being caught lying on an immigration form is enough to get you thrown out. If I claim to be a circus clown and seem nervous and vague when they ask me about it and really relieved when they stop asking me about it, they might start to suspect that I'm not what I said I was. MOSFET blowing when soft starting a motor, Cryptic Family Reunion: Watching Your Belt (Fan-Made). Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend ; Report Inappropriate Content; What do I enter in occupation if I am retired? It's a quick and easy way to let folks you're connected with know that you could use their help. The IRS uses your occupation entry as a tool for determining if you are misrepresenting your income. In the visa application form, under occupation, should I choose No Occupation, or should I choose an occupation (Software Engineer is not listed. Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year … Sometimes you’re unemployed, and you really don’t want to talk about it. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Join Date: Mar 2016; Posts: 41; Share Tweet #2. Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year … Here are examples: Current Position DescriptionActively seeking new opportunities after voluntarily leaving my last stint at HSBC with a long record of success and solid recommendations (see below). I have the required documents from the company interviewing me. You might travel for a living but you probably do not just spend your time going from one place to another without objectives. In a world where people are defined by their occupation, coming as "unemployed" can easily sound as "searching for a job". There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if you have to claim benefits; after all, they are … 0 found this answer helpful helpful votes | 0 lawyers agree . Check with your state to learn what help is available and to apply for unemployment assistance. or "I am interested in freelance opportunities. The broker told him that there had been 2 cases he knew of where people had lost there jobs and become (hopefully temporarily) unemployed, … Does anybody have any experience on this? After all, the purpose of updating your profile is to attract prospective employers. Thanks in adavance for taking time to reply. Being consistent across platforms is a way to boost your personal brand. I am a student and am currently trying to apply for a passport. Effective with January 2020 data, occupations reflect the introduction of the 2018 Census occupational classification system, derived from the 2018 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). Does the person have significant ties to the home country? That way, your profile is technically correct, and you're not highlighting your unemployed status. Now, you could say that being caught spying is rather different from being caught not-being-a-circus-clown-when-you-said-you-were-one. CUrrent occupation -unemployed or housewife. Thanks for contributing an answer to Travel Stack Exchange! Oh, never mind, TIL what the French word "privatier" means. I would say put your occupation as Unemployed and in the section where they ask you for your HMRC ref # - give them from our old employment. States have varying programs that may help those who are facing unemployment situations. What do I enter in occupation if I am retired? Thanks in advance S 0 comments; Henry Daniel Lively . Choosing the wrong content could drive hiring managers away instead of attracting them. On the flip side, you may not want to advertise the fact that you're unemployed. Just curious to see what others put down when asked what is occupation in forms.I usually put 'currently stay at home mum'I have no problem with putting this down just wonder what you put downHeard a few along the waydomestic goddessCeo of smith family I am currently unemployed, but I am in grad school so my occupation is "student." There are options you can use that will show you're job searching, without stating publicly why you're seeking employment. rev 2020.12.10.38158, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Travel Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. @DavidRicherby being vague does not mean you do not have yourself a specific occupation. Thread Occupation: Should I say my mom is a housewife or unemployed? I was fairly confident up until this point that Id be able to get a visa, I have no criminal record or anything of the sort. All the interviews are great opportunities to practice and discover what the marketplace is looking for." While Filling out form DS-11 I was required to list an occupation. you do have a job). What should I mention as my occupation I'm going to apply for a Schengen visa. Right? Undo Vote Helpful Undo Unhelpful Undo. It seems I gotta do that to get approved for the unemployment. My passport says my profession is Software Engineer. If you're not getting good results, you can try something different. Of course, if you choose this option, you should always be honest when interacting with recruiters and hiring managers, once they contact you. You’re going to get caught. Unemployment benefits are determined on a weekly basis. If you're talking about why "does" isn't used in the first sentence, its because "does" is used for singular words, (ball, person, grape…) whereas "do" is used for plural words. How to holster the weapon in Cyberpunk 2077? I am not looking for work, so am not registered at the Job Centre. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. I can’t find an answer on this: I am self employed, didn’t file my taxes since it was extended til July to be due. In my personal experience, I always answer what my occupation is supposed to be, and I answer vaguely. What Do I Put on My Taxes as My Occupation if I Had More Than One Job? The idea here is to make it appear as if you had “forgotten” to update your profile. Can my wife's father fill the i864 form. What to Put on LinkedIn When You Are Unemployed, What to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile When You're Unemployed. Of all the "what if's" I've imagined for the job not working out, I didn't think of not having enough work to sustain my salary, which is 60% of what I previously earned, but way better than unemployment! Since I still paid taxes on the pension does it really matter what I put as occupation? How late in the book-editing process can you change a characters name? I am getting UI as well as the pandemic assistance–how would you recommend providing a record of this? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Let me know if someone in your network needs help writing or editing." If you left your position voluntarily, you might decide to make that clear to employers. ... What are my options? Even though I quit my job for that trip, I said my expected occupation. A simple option is to put an end date on your last position and not add a new one. You could post a status update with, "Currently looking for a finance position. They don't care what I research; they care that I can talk about it in a way that sounds like I'm telling the truth. I've regretfully not volunteered during my unemployment, which I plan to fix soon if I don't find full-time work very soon. And the main reason is a job. Each county in the commonwealth establishes their own list of occupation codes and the value assigned to each. I have a 401(k) … Whatever the official reason for your visit, the immigration agent will likely react if you have no job. I have never been in trouble with the law ofher then a speeding ticket. I am in Texas. Here’s an example: "I love being a teacher, and am confident that my expertise in integrating technology into the classroom is going to land me an amazing position. If you are employed on that date, write so. What should I put as my occupation if I am a student? I wonder if I should fill in any fake job or just go by the unemployed status. Please check out my comment at the question. However, I am concerned that my petition might not be approved if I am unemployed. I have filed returns saying "unemployed", even though that is not really an occupation, and a return that said "student", but showed a ridiculusly high amount of income for a student (I had taken off 8 months to work, but was back in school before I filed my taxes). But does this have any ill effects, such as taking more time to get through it or increasing the chance of being denied to the entry, or being forced to open the baggage at customs? @DmitryGrigoryev: well, in practice the difference between being vague and lying is (a) your own personal conscience, so possibly quite a big difference there, and (b) the Immigration Officer's opinion of you, so possibly no difference at all there. I have attached a written explanation at the end of the form, as well as my last pay stub showing year-to-date earnings through mid-March, but I’m wondering how best to show proof of the UI and pandemic payments? My passport says my profession is Software Engineer. Unemployment is when someone could work and wants to work but is unable to find a suitable job. Some profiles list "Unemployed" or "Seeking New Position" as the company name, but then you're advertising the fact that you're out of a job. Don't one-time recovery codes for 2FA introduce a backdoor? No historical data have been revised. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a more specific definition: people who don't have a job, have actively looked for work in the past four weeks, and currently are available for work. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. When You Can Get Fired for Looking for Another Job, Learn About LinkedIn Endorsements - What They Are and How to Use Them, Best Tips for Creating a Professional Brand, Know What to Do If You See Your Job Advertised Online, What to Do When Your Unemployment Benefits Run Out, Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions About a Layoff, 21 Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers, Where Long-Term Unemployed Job Seekers Can Get Help, How to Add a Branding Statement to Your Resume, The Best Sites to Post a Resume or Candidate Profile in 2020, How You Can Include Your LinkedIn URL on Your Resume, Pros and Cons of Including a Photo on Your Resume, quick and easy to get one that you can add to your resume, Operations Logistic Professional Seeking Work, Experienced Retail Manager Available for New Opportunity, Former VP HR, Seeking New Human Resources Opportunities, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Currently Exploring Options, Recent College Graduate Seeking Entry-Level Programming Position, Open to Opportunities at Seeking New Position, Looking for a job in Human Resources at Unemployed. I am in the same boat, unemployed since mid March due to Covid. It only asks if we worked. The simplest option is not to list a current employer. Data for 2020 are not strictly comparable with earlier years. Hi new to this site, just wanted to know if anyone knows if it's right to put 'carer' as my occupation as I'm in receipt of C/A. Also: they often require the. Or if I write a fake job title and the lie is detected, does this possibly lead to any tiresome result or worse, being charged with a crime or put in jail, depending on the country? Frenchie Hernandez. When you’re unemployed, discussing your current professional situation with new people can be tough. Q: Is it acceptable to indicate terms such as "homemaker,” "retired,” or "unemployed" as descriptions for occupations? My husband died 6 years ago and I collect a small pension. A friend of mine usually puts "privatier" into those fields. How likely is the person to be lying about the purpose and length Do you know anyone who's hiring?" The question is usually not what my job at the time is but what job I do (in my career). Workers can collect unemployment benefits even after refusing work or quitting a job, if it's for "good cause." I started a new job about a year ago. Will I be able to pass through immigration and customs from foreign country to the U.S with damaged green card after an absence of more than one year? Reply. It's not enough to live on so I pull from my savings account to pay my bills. Q. I've waited four weeks to hear back from N.J. unemployment, and at this point, there's been no response. Can I include the unemployment benefit amount I receive as a source of income? And then they find out you're lying and you get banned from entering that country for 10 years. Does my concept for light speed travel pass the "handwave test"? If not employed, write so as 'not employed'. I usually write my job status as unemployed on an immigration card and customs application. Past Position DescriptionLeft job voluntarily in excellent standing with a track record of success and excellent recommendations (see below). Suppose you get a job later on. This really depends on the country, your citizenship, your reason for visiting, etc., but in general - yes, being unemployed increases the chance of having trouble with immigration.

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