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Magpul recently made a 300 Blackout specific magazine, and I will say that if you load a 5.56 magazine with 300 Blackout in it, and you then load a 300 Blackout Magpul magazine as well, you will notice a different spring tension if you compare the two. .⁠ Share. Ideally, cartridges would use one of the longer projectiles, a case-filling powder charge, and have the projectile crimped into place. After that range, it starts to drop like a rock. 300 Blackout Suppressed at 230 yards. SAAMI creates and publishes industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality, as well as coordinates technical data for agencies, enthusiasts and manufacturers. From a 9 in (230 mm) barrel, the 125 gr BLK round has the same muzzle energy as the M855 from the M4, and 5 percent more energy at 440 meters. The military roots still show in the selection subsonic loads, although it’s neighborly friendly to ditch that familiar “crack” as the bullet breaks the sound barrier—whether it’s quieted at the muzzle by a suppressor, or not. In the hunting fields, especially in the deer woods, the .300 BLK is an acceptable, if not overwhelming choice. Part of that equation is the use of subsonic loads with heavy bullets and powder that burns completely in that abbreviated barrel. When y, Can the distance and direction you’re shooting p, Another blog post coming your way! 300BLK has supersonic bullet speeds when loaded with lighter bullets in the 120 to 130 grain range. There’s no shortage of creativity among enthusiasts when it comes to the search for that “holy grail” of loads. Performance is quite similar to the 30-30 Winchester, only we feel it is a more accurate round with much better projectile options for terminal ballistics on big game. Wildcatters—gun owners who fabricate and reload cartridges of their own design—experimented for years with a .30-caliber AR-15-friendly version. Remington Defense was part of the effort, which was no easy task because it included a requirement that it run in standard AR-15 magazines. 300 BLK allows a user to have one firearm with the capability of switching between subsonic, supersonic VMAX or barrier penetrating ammunition all with just the change of a magazine. They are flatter shooting and, with less time in flight, less prone to the effects of wind. 300 Blackout, 300 BLK, 300 BO. Ballistic Advantage 8.3" Hanson Premium Series Barrel Single Port SilencerCo ASR Muzzlebrake (accepts ASR QD Suppressor) For varmint hunters, competitors and gun owners practicing at distance, supersonic .300 BLKs are big medicine. For home defense, you should be thinking heavy hitters, walk softly and carry a stick chambered in 300 BLK.-Having a suppressor with subsonic ammo in a home defense situation is ideal for your hearing.-The .300 BLK is still great when you either can’t or care not to have NFA firearms. At 16-inches, muzzle velocities are near their peak. For those with suppressors, the 1:7 twist favors the heavier subsonic rounds. My hunting buddy, Fred had been trying to come up with good, consistent load for hunting hogs with his Daniel Defense DDM4V5 rifle in 300 Blackout caliber. For the close-range shooter, this 300 blackout pistol is fast and sharp as a tack. CQB isn’t a place where bright flashes coming out of a barrel are an advantage, so using a 22-inch tube won’t help much, if at all. However, it has the same amount of energy at 700 meters that the M855 has at 500 meters. The earlier 6.8 SPC was simply designed to have more energy at all ranges than the 5.56×45mm. It didn’t take long for engineers at two of the industry’s finest to solve the problem, though. That’s serious power up close, but that slow speed and heavyweight takes a toll at 500 yards. As popularity in the 300 Blackout/300 Whisper gains I was looking forward to this ballistic test for rangehot.com. Lightweight2-7x Watch later. The .300 AAC Blackout (designated as the 300 BLK by the SAAMI[1] and 300 AAC Blackout by the C.I.P. *Calculations are estimates using Hornady’s on-line ballistic calculator and adjusted by the company’s estimate of between 25 and 35 fps loss per inch of shortened barrel length (30 fps subtracted per inch for the purposes of this chart). Barrel … It didn’t take long for engineers at two of the industry’s finest to solve the problem, though. I didn’t get excited. Jones, tailored for heavy projectiles that do not break the sound barrier (subsonic), was probably best known at the time and popular enough that the term wildcat does not apply. Magnification: 4×32. In the chart, bold-faced entries indicate the last distance at which each Hornady load drops less than 5 feet in different length barrels—for those uncomfortable dialing in or holding over 60 inches. As always, train with your rifle and make sure you know your intended purpose before you buy. The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) approved and published industry standards and specifications for the .300 BLK on Jan. 17, 2011. The new cartridge was intended to negate many of the perceived drawbacks inherent to other large caliber cartridges used in the M4. Versions include FMJ, with or without boattails, open tip match or open tip flat base and cartridges with Hornady’s SST V-Max, Sub-X or hollow points. A whole new world of hunting and target-shooting options open with that difference, a fact sometimes obscured by the cartridge’s subsonic and military roots. If you're looking for … In the case of the 7.62×39mm, its relatively severe case angle caused feeding issues unless specially modified AK-47 magazines were used, and even then results were unsatisfactory. It also penetrates deeper and initially yaws faster. Many mistakenly compare this round to the 6.8 SPC, but the only similarity is their development within the U.S. military and the M4 as the original platform. However, the.300 Blackout round (or 300BLK for short) can serve two roles. .⁠ With 300 Blackout, I was having issues with that. Only specific barrel and ammo testing will tell, though. This is a big advantage as it reduces the weight of the rifle and allows for easier stalking of prey. Enter the 300 BLK (Blackout). Supersonic ammo in a 10-inch barrel retains rifle caliber velocities but experiences greater bullet drop at distances. When the 300 BLK became a made cartridge by Advanced Armament Corp (AAC) and Remington after being blessed by SAAMI in 2011, there was a lot noise and chatter about the launch of the new cartridge for the AR-15 platform. .⁠ 300 BLK rounds are effective out of barrels as short as 4.5 in (110 mm). The speed of sound is 1,275 feet per second (fps) at sea level and varies slightly with temperature and atmospheric pressure. The bullet has significant drop, drift, and energy loss at that distance. This .30-caliber bullet at 500 yards drops by less than 9 feet (21 less than the subsonic version) and it carries 362-foot-pounds of energy there. [9], In July 2015, the Netherlands' Defense Material Organization issued a tender for 195 carbines chambered in 300 BLK on behalf of the Dutch Maritime Special Operations Force (NL-MARSOF). Lack of wind drift alone is a decided advantage, along with a flatter trajectory. They also wanted a source for ammunition made to their specs. Shopping. Supersonic ammunition muzzle velocities and muzzle energies by barrel length: For instance, the vast majority of 7.62x39mm factory loads shoot bullets in the 120-125 grain range. Ruger American Ranch Rifle 300 Blackout For Sale And Ruger Precision Long Range Rifle GET Ruger American Ranch Rifle 300 Blackout For Sale And Ruger Precision L Although the 300 Blackout’s effective range depends on the shooter and application, the chart above provides rough guidelines for consideration. There its drop is more than 30 feet (with a 100-yard zero) and energy drops to 309 foot-pounds. Shop the link in our bi, Repost from @down_range_photography⁠ So not all.300 BLK loads are created equal. 300 Blackout’s effective range can stretch quite a bit depending upon your goals. Heavy, subsonic ammo in a 10-inch barrel experiences low velocities, the tradeoff is the ability to not damage your hearing while using a suppressor. For 300 Blackout hunting, you can even use a barrel as short as 9-inches as the .300 Blackout was designed to use fast burning powders so as to reach its full ballistic potential in a short barrel. However, the.300 Blackout is available in a wide range of bullet weights. April 7, 2019. Why 300 Blackout? From a 16 in (410 mm) barrel, a 125 gr (8.1 g) 300 BLK round has a lower velocity and similar bullet drop and drift at shorter distances. The. The 300 BLK was designed with a specific shorter-range focus to have equal or more energy than the 7.62 Soviet and work reliably with suppressors. Its purpose is to achieve ballistics similar to the 7.62×39mm cartridge, or even more similarly, the 7.92×33mm Kurz cartridge in an M4 while using standard M4 magazines at their normal capacities. However, it had some problems of its own.Namely, it’s very hard to create a round that is good for everything, and the 5.56 NATO does fail on some points. Better field of view as you can still observe most your surroundings 2. For example, it wasn’t as accurate as heavier rounds wh… Both use AR-15/M4 magazines and cartridge-carrying capacity is identical. We did that, and called it the .300 AAC Blackout (.300 BLK)."[8]. The 300 Blackout is a modern little cartridge that absolutely rules the 0-300-yard range. Let your fellow shooters know – share this article using the Facebook, Another consideration is range – we find the 300 Blackout perfectly acceptable for taking deer within 150 yards. 300 BLK ammunition cannot be used in a rifle chambered for 7.62×40mm Wilson Tactical. Regardless of the position it plays, the .300 BLK’s performance often hinges on finding the best barrel length and load combination for the distance you have in mind. (Patrick Sweeney has an exceptional write-up on the 300 Blackout vs .300 Whisper and their minute differences.) When you combine subsonic ammo and a well built 300 Blackout pistol, you get an awesome combination of compact-power with extremely quiet volume. Copy link. A military customer wanted a way to be able to shoot .30-cal. Regardless of the position it plays, the .300 BLK’s performance often hinges on finding the best barrel length and load combination for the distance you have in mind. Range 110-grain Hornady GMX 300 Blackout 55-grain Remington UMC; Muzzle (0 yards) 1349: 1237: 100 yards: 1061: 949: 200 yards: 824: 718: 300 yards: 634: 534: 400 yards: 486: 389… Fast target acquisition 3. [10] In December 2016 the NL-MARSOF acquired 195 integrally suppressed SIG MCX carbines fitted with a new folding stock developed for use with ballistic visor helmets chambered in .300 AAC Blackout becoming the first publicly known military user of the cartridge. Of these, 122 grain and 123 grain loads are by far the most common. Bullets make a similar noise, although not nearly as earth rumbling, that is very recognizable and isn’t always advantageous in combat. Action: Bolt action. 300 AAC Blackout is a fantastic hunting round. Ruger American Rifle Ranch. Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout. On October 23, 2011, SSG Daniel Horner of the USAMU used 300 AAC Blackout to win his fourth USPSA Multi Gun National Championship. , in bullet weights that vary from 110- to 220-grains. What Is The 300 BLK? Rifle cartridge originally designed for use in the M4 carbine, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "American National Standard Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Pressure and Velocity of Centerfire Rifle Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers", "Technical Data Sheet - Unsafe Firearm Ammunition Combinations", "Shades of Gray: .300 Whisper & .300 AAC Blackout", "USAMU's Horner takes the gold with 300BLK", "Dutch special forces to buy carbines chambered in 300 BLK", "SIG MCX rifles delivered to Dutch special forces", "Dutch MARSOF officially purchase .300 BLK SIG MCX Rifles", "Prior information notice for contracts in the field of defence and security supplies", "300 AAC Blackout Low Visibility Carbine", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=.300_AAC_Blackout&oldid=987458975, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Articles needing additional references from September 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 300 AAC Blackout, 78 gr Lehigh Defense CQ, Pioneering work by the USAF Armament Lab at, More recently, popular wildcats such the .300-221, 300 Fireball, and JD Jones's proprietary version of them, the, This page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 05:14. [3] It is mainly derived from the .300 Whisper concept, but differs in having been submitted to the SAAMI. Inside 100 to 200 yards the 300 Blackout is a deer slaying machine. Versions include FMJ, with or without boattails, open tip match or open tip flat base and cartridges with Hornady’s SST V-Max, Sub-X or hollow points. The 300 Blackout is a fully mature, commonly available cartridge that allows the shooter to have a vast range of options as far as end use. Both rounds were made to be used in an easily converted AR-15. Supersonic ammunition muzzle velocities and muzzle energies by barrel length: The 300 AAC Blackout was designed to achieve energies similar to the 7.62×39mm Soviet in an AR-15 while using standard AR magazines at their full capacity. [3] Since the bullet of the 300 BLK is larger than the bore of the .223 caliber, chambering and firing causes excessive pressure to build up since the bullet has nowhere to go, which can cause the rifle to explode resulting in risk of injury or death. With supersonic rounds for maximum muzzle velocity to subsonic loads that quiet the roar by slowing the pace. Conversely, its lightweight projectile bleeds energy downrange, the reason Hornady lists it as a target shooting and varmint hunting load. Even at 300 yards holdover is nearly 9 feet. ⁠ It is able to replace the H&K MP5 for close quarters, and with just a magazine change, bring the fight to longer distances, outperforming the M4 carbine. Results are in inches/foot-pounds of energy and based on a 100-yard zero with the scope 1.5 inches above the bore. 300 AAC Blackout was approved by SAAMI on January 17, 2011. At 10-inches, muzzle velocity hasn’t reached its peak. Here’s why . . A mystique surrounds the .300 BLK (AAC Blackout), and it overshadows this utility player’s ability to deliver All-Star numbers in a variety of roles. Part of today’s confusion over 300 Blackout effective range and barrel length often stems from this flavor. So long as your target isn’t much over 100 yards, that is. The well-known terminal performance of that Sub-X bullet, however, does make the load an ear-friendly option for some who hunt at relatively short distances. The odds are good enthusiasts will see diminishing, if any, return for running subsonic cartridges through 18-inch barrels or longer. For an apples-to-apples comparison, the Hornady V-Max 110-grain load (also zeroed at 100 yards through 16 inches of barrel) has a muzzle velocity of 2,375 fps. The .300 BLK bullets are 0.30 inch in diameter (7.62 mm) and the .223 Rem (5.56 mm) is 0.224 inch. [17] Whether a 300 BLK cartridge actually is able to chamber in a .223 barrel depends on bullet length and shape, bullet seating depth, crimping, and the volume of powder charge. .⁠ >> Sporting cla, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. The companies didn’t start completely from scratch, though. With supersonic rounds for maximum muzzle velocity to subsonic loads that quiet the roar by slowing the pace. Nov 6, 2020 #1 K. kgoltz Well-Known Member. 300 Blackout’s effective range can stretch quite a bit depending upon your goals. Its purpose is to achieve ballistics similar to the 7.62×39mm Soviet cartridge in an AR-15 platform while using standard AR … There were also efforts to introduce the AK-friendly 7.62×39 mm (also .30-caliber) to modern sporting rifles, but many of them ran into the cartridge’s case geometry challenge, where feeding can become a concern. [2]), also known as 7.62×35mm is an intermediate cartridge developed in the United States by Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) for use in the M4 carbine. I chose this rifle because it has a barrel length that is consistent with standard rifles chambered in that round and plus it is accurate enough that I have yet to hit any of the sky screens on my chronograph. They lack the mass to carry a proportionate level of energy at downrange, though. Keep in mind, the odds are good that powder mix completely burns in that 16 inches of test barrel. Take it out another 50 yards, and it was still giving me groups around 2 inches, which is what I expected from an AR pistol. If ranges are kept around 100 yards—much like the .30/30 WCF—things should go right for you. In comparison with 7.62×39mm rounds, 300 BLK rounds with varying loads have a better ballistic coefficient and more energy out of similar length barrels. The kissing cousins resemble twins at a distance, but the similarities end at projectile girth. The .300 AAC Blackout, also known as .300 AAC or. The 300 BLK was made specifically for ease of conversion, so the standard bolt will work and a magazine can be used to its full capacity, so the only change needed is the barrel & gas system.[16]. April 11, 2019. The .300 AAC Blackout is a nearly perfect home defense cartridge. The 5.56 NATO round was developed in the 1960s since very light, and fast bullets were all the rage back then. Suppressed.300 Blackout You can do a lot with a 300 Blackout rifle, and the task you choose is going to determine the ammo you need. This is a 300 Blackout pistol that is compact and easy to store when you're finished with the day at the range or after an intense shooting competition. A mystique surrounds the .300 BLK (AAC Blackout), and it overshadows this utility player’s ability to deliver All-Star numbers in a variety of roles. Note: You … That being said, the origins of 300 Blackout ammo are nothing new. Trijicon ACOG 300 Blackout Ballistic Reticle. 300 Blackout Suppressed at 230 yards - YouTube. Weapons chambered for the round can be as light, compact, and quiet when suppressed as submachine guns like the 9×19mm MP5, 5.7x28mm FN P90, and 4.6×30mm MP7 while having more energy and accuracy at longer range. Since the mix up can easily be done, some suggest owners of firearms in both calibers carefully separate firearm and ammunition of the two types by, for instance, clearly marking the firearms and magazines, and visually inspect every round while loading magazines. Colt Firearms and other arms makers had previously chambered AR-pattern rifles and carbines in various .30 caliber rounds but encountered problems. [citation needed] The .30 caliber cartridge has an 89.1 percent increase in frontal bullet area over the 5.56×45mm, and so leaves a larger wound cavity in soft targets. Please keep them separated; keep them further apart than you and your mother-in-law in order to prevent disaster. Rounds such as the 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel had similar parts-interchangeability issues but did allow for the use of the standard M4/M16 30-round magazine, albeit with a reduced capacity. As a hunting load for humane reasons, it’s more of a short range round. My lit, Choosing a rifle for competition is a fun opportun, Stock up on bulk ammo now! The 16-inch barrel also delivers greater energy on impact regardless of the ammo type. Many of these rounds required an excessively long overall cartridge length that would prohibit feeding in a STANAG magazine while using powder charges that were not compatible with the pressure requirements of the M4 carbine. With a 100 yard zero at 350y it reaches almost 40" of drop, at 450y it's around 75", and at 500y it is over 100" of drop. The case heads are identical on 223 Rem and 300 BLK ammo, which makes the bolts on both interchangeable in many cases. 300 Blackout is optimized for suppressed fire with heavy bullet subsonic loads but can also be used with supersonic ammunition when extra range is needed. Selecting the best barrel length for the .300 BLK can be a double-edged sword. The 115 gr (7.5 g) 6.8-round has a higher muzzle energy of 1,694 ft⋅lb (2,297 J) due to its greater velocity, while the 125 gr (8.1 g) 300 BLK round has a muzzle energy of 1,360 ft⋅lb (1,840 J). [7], Robert Silvers, director of research and development for AAC said, "We started development in 2009, but most of the work was done in 2010. Supersonic ammo retains rifle caliber velocities, has increased effective distance, and bullet drop is greatly reduced. If downrange energy is a critical consideration, the last yardage that still carries at least 400-foot-pounds is italicized. The numbers make it obvious it’s flatter shooting than the subsonic load. [6], By keeping the M4/M16 in mind as the primary host during load development the designers could work up a host of cartridges that not only satisfied the ballistic requirements set forth, but also ensured mechanical reliability with the fewest changes to the weapon itself—with only a simple barrel change necessary for complete conversion. [4], To meet this demand, AAC developed the 300 AAC Blackout in cooperation with Remington Defense. The very advantage of the 300 BLK (its similarity to the popular .223/5.56 caliber) can also be a safety issue if ammunition of the two calibers is mixed. Wanting a longer-range cartridge using the M4 rifle, the 6.8 SPC was intended to … .⁠ Stay in touch with Widener's, be the first to know about new articles, products, and more. This was particularly noticeable when using subsonic ammunition in conjunction with a suppressor as short stroking and excessive fouling would occur similar to that which was seen in the earliest variants of the M16 in Vietnam. Planes that increase their velocity until it reaches and exceeds that mark generates a sonic boom. We had to take the .300-221 wildcat concept, determine the final specs for it, and submit it to SAAMI. It tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and it was successful in terms of the usable range and penetrative characteristics. Info. This has a barrel measured at 10.3 inches and will have the ability to fire any standard AR-15 magazines. From the 14.5 in (370 mm) barrel of the M4 Carbine, the M855 5.56×45mm round has an effective point target range of 500 meters. The 300 Blackout (300 BLK) was designed by Remington/AAC to create a reliable, compact .30 caliber round for the AR platform that uses a standard bolt and magazine. That's why we wrote this rece, Repost from @down_range_photography⁠ creates and publishes industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality, as well as coordinates technical data for agencies, enthusiasts and manufacturers. 300 Blackout is also a round commonly used for hunting as well. Tap to unmute. In the chart, Hornady 110gr G-Max Full Boar (2,350 FPS At Muzzle), Hornady 125gr HP American Gunner (2,175 FPS At Muzzle), Hornady 190gr Sub-X Subsonic (1,050 FPS At Muzzle), Happy Friday! It has a relatively small projectile with a high velocity that maintains performance at range. Price Range: $1300. At 200 yd (183 m), the 300 BLK drops 2 in (51 mm) lower than the 6.8 SPC, while it drops 30 in (760 mm) lower at 500 yd (457 m). Long-Distance Shooting: What Is The Coriolis Effect? Any discussion on the effective range is a minefield full of opinion best tiptoed over by indicating those figures make the .300 BLK at 300-yard shot territory most comfortable for veteran shooters. The 300 BLK is surprisingly accurate and deadly, if ranges are kept within reason. The good news is that the old 50 yard zero works pretty well for 300 BLK as well. For Sale: Custom built 300 Blackout Pistol Complete Upper Receiver. Given some of the best .300 Blackout rifle contenders, it can easily be seen as a perfect short and moderate range rifle for multiple uses among a sea of monotonous calibers and rifles. bullets from an M4 platform while using normal bolts and magazines, and without losing the full 30-round capacity of standard magazines. Widener’s offers a variety of loads, in bullet weights that vary from 110- to 220-grains. Our 300 AAC Blackout range test started out from frustration. Twitter and other social media icons below. [11][12], On 14 July 2017, the UK Ministry of Defence issued a tender for a five year (plus five years optional) contract to supply .300 Blackout supersonic and subsonic small arms ammunition. This same rifle using the 5:56 NATO upper assembly shoots sub-moa groups with no problems, so he expected good accuracy from the 300 as well. [citation needed] Modified bolts were also needed owing to its larger case head diameter. Development of the 300 Blackout started some years go as the Russian special operations command was developing a short high intensity round compatible with suppressed weapons operations and clearly single round lethal in combat. Understanding Different 12-Gauge Shotgun Load Types, 300 Blackout Effective Range & Best Barrel Length, Best 9mm Ammo: Plinking, Training & Home Defense, 350 Legend: Caliber Overview & Best Ammo Options, Best 300 Blackout Ammo: Home Defense, Hunting and Training. Once considered an exotic round, 300 Blackout has become a household caliber.One of the best ways to shoot 300 Blackout is suppressed. The test platform is the Barnes Precision CQB rifle reviewed here. . All of these names talk about one of the newest, large commercial success stories on the market. A 1:8 twist works best with the light-weight supersonic rounds. A need for a nimble, stealthy firearm capable of stopping an adversary at moderate to short distances is one of the reasons for developing the .300 BLK. If you didn’t before, you can now easily see there are many factors to consider when selecting the best barrel length for your .300 BLK rifle and determine the effective range of the caliber. The combat effective range – that is “The distance from a weapon system at which a 50 percent probability of target hit is expected, or the tracer burnout range.” [copied from FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Graphics] of the AAC 300 Blackout is about 440m for a 9″ barrel when using supersonic ammo. [5], Wildcat cartridges such as the .300 Whisper series addressed these issues, but their widespread use in single shot handguns and lack of industry standard cartridge dimension meant that a great number of the popular loads on both the supersonic and subsonic end of the spectrum were less than ideal in the AR pattern weapons. Exactly what you need for home defense. Close to medium range, the 300 Blackout is right on target, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In the chart, bold-faced entries indicate the last distance at which each Hornady load drops less than 5 feet in different length barrels—for those uncomfortable dialing in or holding over 60 inches. It’s potent, powerful versatile, and popular enough to give you a wide selection of rifles to choose from. 300 yards is commonly considered the max effective range of 300blk. The intention was to purchase ball, subsonic and lead-free frangible cartridges representing the first formal military adoption of the .300 AAC Blackout. Barrel twist rate matters as well, it’s another factor to consider when choosing barrel length and determining 300 Blackout effective range with your rifle. While 5.56×45mm NATO has enjoyed widespread acceptance in military circles, the nature of the missions encountered by some special operations groups often demand a round that provides better performance than that available in the high-energy, standard velocity rounds, and subsonic performance greater than standard 9mm (the ubiquitous pistol round also commonly used in many SMGs). Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) started working on the cartridge in 2009 after a U.S. military organization requested the development of a .30-caliber round capable of running in an M4.

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