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See more ideas about Milkshake bar, Milkshake, Candy shop. 1970s Candy Retro Candy Vintage Candy Vintage Food Those Were The Days The Good Old Days Old School Candy Milkshake Bar Nostalgia 70s. I never understood why it went away. It was just different. Other good ones by the same company were the Hollywood bar, The 7-up bar, and the Butternut bar. There's nothing out there that compares. Add the candy bar … You're right, they were. Either the manufacturer made the decision or went out of business. When this bar debuted in 1923, it was the first to take inspiration from a real dessert: the milky way malted milkshake. And caramelholics. 0 0. It would be great if they were brought back. I did not believe it myself. Before blending, add a handful of your favorite candy or a candy bar cut into small pieces. Are you a fan of coconut, toffee, nougat, dark chocolate or crisped rice? They're for all you chocoholics out there. Come treat yourself in Spring, TX, Monday- Saturday! Heath Bar Milkshake Recipe. They're for all you chocoholics out there. Please note: Discontinued means that it is gone, we do not have any and we don't know where to find it. Milkshake candy bar : Warheads candy bulk : Necco candy Milkshake Candy Bar candy bar A chocolate bar is a confection in bar form comprising some or all of the following components: cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, milk. The biggest problem about writing about forgotten brands of food is that there is often no way of getting them back. Apr 24, 2016 - Make a delicious milkshake without scooping any ice cream! Shop for candies from the days of olde like Smarties, Necco Wafers, Goobers, Chuckles and old-school (( And, while we are at it, let's also resurrect the Big Time and the Hollywood bars. )). -Todd H. -Los Angeles. A look at movies, books, TV, comics, music, and other things that deserve to be less obscure. Chill Milkshake & Waffle Bar is a classic shake shop featuring a wide variety of specialty milkshakes along with waffles & grilled cheese sandwiches. Help all of us Milkshake lovers bring them back! Miss Every time I want candy.Bring back PLEASE... Who has a box of Milkshake bars? The Milkshake Bar was still available until the late 1970s. In a blender, combine chocolate ice cream and milk. How much? The combination of the chill and the candy rush made it a treat. Cotton Candy ice cream blended, poured into a mason jar with a vanilla frosted rim rolled in unicorn bark. This Site Might Help You. I got them where I work. I wish they still made these. Ingredients: Maybe try the Almond Joy or York Peppermint Pattie would be so good on a hot Summer day! Also, please don't blame us. Zero is a great candybar, but nothing can top the Milkshake! The MilkShake was not a great candy until frozen. Pure Twilight Zone. RE: Can I still buy Milkshake candy bars anywhere? We are disappointed too. You can thank me later, after you’ve inhaled a Frozen Candy Bar Milkshake, and find your sweet tooth super satisfied from all the salty-sweetness going on. Yes.Bring the milkshake back. To this day, I put most chocolates in the fridge, and freeze some types of candy bars as a direct result of that experience, but of course nothing ever comes close to a frozen milkshake! I did not care that they may have been buried in the back under a pile of dusty boxes for two and a half decades. Haven't seen or tasted one since, but I've thought of those hot summer afternoon frozen treats often. Nothing compares to the milkshake bar they were one of a kind wish there was a way someone could bring them back!! I would buy all that were there. Click the links below for more info or possible replacements for each candy. A frozen MilkShake came out of the freezer too hard to bite into. New users enjoy 60% OFF. Anonymous. And even if I was looking for a chocolate bar, I would take one of these over a Hershey's ant day if available. Please bring them back so our kids and grandkids can get a taste of the best candy bars ever. The milkshake contains so much goodness but tastes utterly amazing without any processed sugar, dairy or yucky additives. The best candy bar ever, Seeing the picture of the label brings me back. Something totally magical about a frozen milkshake after an afternoon at the pool. Back in the 50s, when I was first going to school, it wasn'... c1967-Present Members: Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Philip Proctor Wikipedia Link Firesign Theater Website Back around 1... (1948-1972) Written and drawn by Walt Kelly Wikipedia Page There are many contenders for the best newspaper comic strip of all time. What made the difference was the taste of the nougat: Milkshake and Hollywood bars contained malt in the nougat.BTW, the Hollywood Candy Company was bought in the late ‘90s by one of the giants, either M&M/Mars or Hershey. I loved the milk shake candy bar after my little league games and I wish they would still make them! Those were the days, with Ben Franklin Dime Store, Woolworths and 89 cent Hot Wheels cars. November 6, 2012. Pop into your local drugstore and you'll find no shortage of chocolate. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The Hollywood Milkshake candy bar was extremely popular. Top each with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream. I also received these products in exchange for an honest review. When I brought it up upon my next visit, the clerk gave me a empty look and remarked that they had no idea what I was talking about. Best Candy Favorite Candy Retro Recipes Vintage Recipes Nostalgic Candy Old Candy Old Fashioned Candy Penny Candy Retro Candy. 1 decade ago. Add Sold Out. Yes it's my favorite as well. It's not a Milky Way. Also, please don't blame us. They are my absolute FAVORITE candy bar of all time and I wish they would come back! I liked this better than the Milky Way. REESE’S Candy Bar Shake. RE: Can I still buy Milkshake candy bars anywhere? Chocolate and peanut butter meet ice cream in this candy bar inspired milkshake. No, they would put a bunch of MilkShake bars in the freezer and sell them (for a premium) as a treat in hot weather. The Hollywood Candy Company, or Hollywood Brands, was an American confectionery company formed in Hollywood, Carver County, Minnesota, in 1912 by Frank Martoccio.. History. There's gotta be enough talent among us (all) to pull it off. Grambo65. The best ever. then put into a bar type stick. Explore. C'mon, bring it back already! Mars Milky Way is good. Click the links below for more info or possible replacements for each candy. Once Halloween passes, if you are like me, you get a little tired of looking at the “fun-size” candy bars that are just hanging around in your kitchen. For the love of Pete bring it back already! When Thrillist New York editor Andrew Zimmer says he wants a candy bar milkshake, he gets a candy bar milkshake. Add Sold Out. Add Sold Out. “What you gonna do when you get out of jail?…” part 256, Television Review: HONDO: "Hondo and the Rebel Hat" (1967). One of my all time favorites - Milkshake candy bar. The Hollywood Candy Company was a minor but successful national candy chain for much of the 20th century. C'mon. We ran a small single screen movie theatre. Was a big favorite at Little League snack bar. Once Halloween passes, if you are like me, you get a little tired of looking at the “fun-size” candy bars that are just hanging around in your kitchen. IN THE 60'S & 70'S...WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO STOP MAKING THE BEST PRODUCT'S?..SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT THEY CAN STILL FIND IT AT CERTAIN PLACES, BUT I HAVE'NT FOUND IT IN CALIFORNIA YET!..MAYBE I MIGHT LUCK UP AND FIND IT SOMEWHERE ONE DAY WHEN I'M NOT LOOKING FOR IT...PLEASE BRING BACK THE ''MILKSHAKE CANDYBAR''...THAT CANDYBAR IS BY FAR WAY BETTER TASTING THAN A LOT OF CANDYBARS OUT ON THE MARKET TODAY..YOU HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE BACKING THIS PRODUCT....PLEASE BRING BACK THE ''MILKSHAKE CANDYBAR''...THANX. Our recipe calls for full size candy bars, but (as the rest of the post suggests) you can easily sub the fun size versions found at Halloween. I bought it and immediately tore into it -- and almost couldn't believe my eyes. Loved Milk Shake Candy bars in the 80's. Double Chocolate Candy Bar Milkshake-serves 2 :( Even though I lived in the big city of Los Angeles, I didn't see these too often, but I would grab one when I could. Nothing else tasted like a Milkshake bar. And while that made it better eaten straight, it meant it was ever harder to bite into.

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