doomsday glacier melting

The US Supreme Court on Friday brought an abrupt end to a long-shot lawsuit filed by Texas and backed by President Donald Trump seeking to throw out voting results in four states, dealing him a crushing setback in his quest to undo his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden. In 2019, Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen while testifying before Congress accused the president of having "inflated his total assets when it served his purposes" and "deflated his assets to reduce his real estate taxes." Luke Denne. "[The size of] a cavity under a glacier plays an important role in melting," said Nasa scientist Dr Pietro Milillo. We can only stop this at a global level, with each nation taking responsibility for its own actions. The attorneys argued that Gardner was improperly using the case in campaign solicitations, while Gardner claimed she brought up the case publicly in order to counter criticism from President Trump and allies."Ms. Ice reflects sunlight; and when this ice disappears, global warming increases at a much faster rate. More stories from Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms reportedly went from Biden's VP list to being offered a Bahamas ambassadorship Democratic congressmember demands House leaders refuse to seat Republicans who support Texas election lawsuit Joe Biden's agriculture appointment is a slap in the face to Black voters. . A Texas man released from prison after his sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama has again been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges, according to Department of Justice officials. 5 According to NASA scientists, the average global temperature has risen 1.9°F since 1880. Both the Antarctic and Arctic regions are rapidly losing ice. The melting of the Thwaites Glacier, sometimes referred to as the Doomsday Glacier, which is the size of Great Britain, already accounts for four per cent of the rise in global sea levels. The glacier earned its ominous "doomsday" nickname because it's one of Antarctica's fastest melting glaciers. An Associated Press investigation has identified at least six sexual misconduct allegations involving senior FBI officials over the past five years, including two new claims brought this week by women who say they were sexually assaulted by ranking agents. Glaciologists have described Thwaites as the "most important" glacier in the world, the "riskiest" glacier, even the "doomsday" glacier. But with catastrophic events cropping up more frequently all around the world, more people are becoming believers: • The wildfires in California and Oregon are setting new records every year with their number, ferocity and widespread destruction. Underwater robot reveals hidden base of Antarctica’s ‘doomsday’ glacier. Scientists refer to Thwaites as the "doomsday glacier" due to the dire implications its rapid melting could have for the planet. But satellite monitoring indicates this glacier is melting at an accelerating rate. Scientists have detected unusually warm water underneath Antarctica's "doomsday glacier." But they are paying attention now. Police searching for Esther Dingley, the British hiker who vanished in the Pyrenees last month, said they could not rule out that she had organised her own "voluntary disappearance" in order to continue her nomadic lifestyle, according to reports. September 10, 2020, 4:30 AM. Scientists at the British Antarctic survey drill into Thwaites Glacier (BAS) Scientists have issued new warnings over a glacier in Antarctica that is described as “the doomsday glacier” because its collapse could lead to rapid sea-level rise.. Humans are wiping out wildlife at a “unprecedented” rate with wildlife populations down by 68 percent on average since 1970, according to a new World Wildlife Fund report published on Thursday.

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