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These parts of the broccoli plant are cooked or consumed raw all around the world. Most parts of the broccoli plant can be eaten, from the immature flowers to the stalks and even the leaves. You can try removing the stalk and cut them in half to see if they are look ok. Can anyone think of a (meat free) recipe to use broccoli stalks? That's a shame because broccoli stems are perfectly edible, both raw and cooked, and there's a lot you can do with them. For the plant to produce the main head, vegetative growth slows down to almost a standstill; all resources within the plant get directed to forming the main flower head sitting atop the broccoli stalk. When you choose broccoli, look for deeply colored heads. But it’s in the first year, in fact, in the first 40-90 days, that most varieties of broccoli grow leaves and form flower heads. Broccoli stems or stalks, sometimes called "poor man's asparagus," are certainly edible and are good sources of fiber; vitamins A, C and K; folate; and calcium. There's a lot you can do with broccoli stalks. Use your knife to make downward cuts, separating the florets from the thick center stem, leaving about 1″ of the stem intact. Hold the broccoli with the stem facing up on your cutting board. The first step to cutting a head of broccoli is to separate the edible florets/stems from the tough, thick center stem. They are packed with fiber and nutrients. The word "broccoli" comes from the Italian 'Brocco' meaning arm branch. How can prices just keep going up? When you reach the smaller stalks that turn into the florets, cut each small stalk as well. Broccoli stalks typically have some dried stems on the sides, which you can remove with a knife. Place a pot containing 2 inches of water on your stovetop and bring the water to a boil. Despite the bad press broccoli gets, it is quite edible and nutritious. Eating broccoli leaves gives you another source of the plant’s high content of fiber, vitamins C and K, iron, and potassium. You can even mince them and make relish. However, if the broccoli goes bad all these nutrients are lost and can even harm our body. If the broccoli stalk is considered edible (so 100% of the broccoli you buy at the store is edible), it would be estimated 119,000 tons of edible fresh broccoli was discarded in 2017 in the United States, assuming a population of 325.7 million. Dr. Tahir shares how he eats the broccoli stalks along with the florets. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Peel your broccoli stalks with a vegetable peeler and cut them into 1-inch pieces. The leaves and stems sweeten up as they cook, and can be harvested at any stage of the plant. The only parts of broccoli that have been shown to be poisonous are the seeds and roots. Broccoli is a biennial, which means it’s full life is about two years. Being a big fan of wild greens in addition to the various domestic greens (collards, kale, turnip, mustard, etc. A few weeks ago, I saw some organic broccoli greens in a local grocery store, and they were crazy expensive- creative marketing for something a lot of people throw in the compost heap. But undeniably, broccoli has its virtues too. The word broccoli comes from the Italian plural of broccolo, which means "the flowering crest of a cabbage", and is the diminutive form of brocco, meaning "small nail" or "sprout". Hell YES you can. This recipe looks great, BTW. Let's make one thing very, extremely, clear - the broccoli stem contains more or less the same nutrients, flavors, and carriers, only in a much denser package. Steam the broccoli stems. Some eaters (including this one) actually prefer the stalks and leaves of broccoli and cauliflower plants to the more commonly eaten head. It helps to think of them like kohlrabi, which is nothing if not a large, bulbous stem of broccoli. The dense, flower heads are the classic way we know broccoli, but harvesting broccoli leaves gives another way to use the plant. Did you know that a broccoli plant is mostly leaves, with only one flower bud that forms the head you know and eat? Per kilo, pitaw (yard-long beans) costs more than pork belly. Season. Sliced into broad strips and sprinkled with dill, salt, and vinegar, raw broccoli stalks are a tasty and novel re-invention of the conventional pickle. Using the differences between these two categorizations as a guide, the potentially edible food items with the largest impact at the consumer level would be broccoli (stalk), cauliflower (stalk and leaves), potato (peels), cucumber (peels), and carrot (peels). The stalks of these plants have a delicate flavor and texture, like a cross between broccoli or cauliflower and a water chestnut. Broccoli is an ideal vegetable to enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet as it has high doses of vitamins, is a food rich in folic acid and has a high fiber content. Facebook feeds of friends are filled these days with snapshots of price tags of vegetables in the market. The leaves should be crisp. Serve a few beside (or inside) sandwiches! Broccoli stalks may be eaten alone or added as an ingredient to different dishes. Here’s a question and a tip from reader angorian:I’m curious to know how many people cook and eat the stalks of broccoli. Broccoli leaves are edible and have a distinct flavor: earthy, mildly bitter, and tasting faintly of broccoli. With proper preparation, the stalks can make tasty additions to soups, stir-fries, pasta dishes and purées. ), it would never occur to me to throw them out. The initial reaction is a mixture of bewilderment and shock. Harvesting. Go Green. I’m thinking perhaps fry with garlic and chilli but haven’t got any further than that. Sometimes they still are and you could give the stalks a try. Each plant has around 15 to 25 oval-shaped waxy leaves that are gray to blue-green in color and grow along the stalk, which thickens toward the head. Also remove the first 1-2 inches of the bottom of the stalk, which — which edible — tends to be very hard. Just keep in mind that the outer layer of the broccoli stem can be quite hard, and you'll probably want to peel it off before cooking or eating the stem, unless the recipe specifically calls for unpeeled broccoli stems. Kohlrabi is good both raw and cooked, with a mild flavor and a crisp, juicy center—and the same goes for broccoli stems. Broccoli is more expensive than sirloin beef. Broccoli Stems are Edible and Nutritious. Then, anger. Broccoli, form of cabbage, of the mustard family, grown for its edible flower buds and stalk. Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family (family Brassicaceae, genus Brassica) whose large flowering head and stalk is eaten as a vegetable. Broccoli is a relative of cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower and is said to contain as much calcium, gram for gram, as milk. Which is more healthful? (Trying to not throw away things that are edible.) Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family (family Brassicaceae, genus Brassica) whose large flowering head, stalk and small associated leaves are eaten as a vegetable.

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