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Delivery was very prompt. Love, love,, love it!! Slow down and enjoy your sweets at an outside table, though challenging to secure, and people-watch. Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 200 g 401509 The luxurious taste of Karl Fazer milk chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to any moment. It's not dark chocolate sophisticated, but I choose it first over all other chocolates (and I do know other chocolates). Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate er ikonisk i hjemlandet, Finland, hvor det er en del af landets kulturarv. We invested in organic growth in Fazer Confectionery and Fazer Bakery’s shop-inshops and expanded Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ business through the acquisition of Kaslink. Its products are exported to almost 40 countries. I've sampled many european chocolates--many are good, but the Finnish Fazer Blue is far and away, the very best. Previous slide Next slide. Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate Bars (Pack of 2) (Sea Buckthorn and Salty Caramel) 4.5 out of 5 stars 13. Blueberry Truffle Box 250g . It is best in World. Today, it employs over ten thousand people across Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Japan. Delicious chocolate both the Blue labeled Milk Chocolate Bar and especially enjoy the Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts. The luxurious taste of Karl Fazer milk chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to any moment. Add to Compare. So far my wife has the chocolates spread over the dining room table so she can look at them - hasn't opened a one yet. Fazer (Finnish pronunciation: ) is one of the largest corporations in the Finnish food industry. Tastes just as good here in California as it does in Finland. Today, it still retains the original recipe and the … The genuine Finnish chocolate is famous for its delicious taste, carefully selected high-quality ingredients and its Fazer blue wrapper. INGREDIENTS: MILK, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sunflower and SOY lecithin(emulsifiers), salt, natural flavor(vanilla). Thanks Aleksi! The package arrived on time as stated. Perfect size for sharing! Karl Fazer Dark Chocolate 200g, 10-Pack - Finnish Chocolate. Buy any 3 x 2 . Karl Fazer founded the company in 1891 with the opening of the Karl Fazer Café on Kluuvikatu street in Helsinki. 9 Bars of Karl Fazer Finland Original Milk Chocolate. I can't get enough of this chocolate bar, but my common sense tells me to order a few bars quarterly. Every mouthful is absolutely bliss. Shipping was really fast. Thank you for carrying this on your website. Regular price $5.99 Fazer Pure Dark Crunchy Hazelnut 95 g. Regular price $7.99 Sold Out. Fazer first introduced the classic Fazer Marianne Chocolate Filled Mint Candies back in 1949. Terms of Service | Wholesale. Pätkis Mini Bites 140g. (rye bread), ruusunmarjaviili (fermented dairy product with cream top and rose hip puree on bottom) and savustetut nahkiaiset Porin torilta (hot-smoked lampreys straight from the smoker) and Fazerin sininen. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate sponsored the Finnish sailing team. It is one of my favorite treats and not easy to find in the U.S. Fazer Lifestyle Foods. $9.91 $ 9. The quality of the Fazer Blue Mild Chocolate is amazing...smooth, rich, and ofnso tasty...find myself grating some to add to hot chocolate! Since then, all other chocolate has been ruined for me! Fazer. We do not take responsibility for transcription errors or changes made by the manufacturer after the date we entered the data. Not too sweet . Our businesses. $47.00. Finnish chocolate is always the best for those with Great taste in candy, or discerning Consumers with a European sensibility. Send en SMS til 1220 med koden CHOKOLADE (det koster 2 kr. Karl Fazer Crispy Mint boksi. Northern Magic CHOKOLADE ( det koster 2 kr uniquely rich and velvety:9 luxury every..., a shop frozen in time with its uniquely rich and velvety:9 ( lecithin incl the huge bar! With cocoa biscuit 195g 6.8oz 1 bar olivat muun muassa sokeritehtailija ja tukkukauppias Max Fazer, konserttipianisti Suomalaisen... ( Finnish pronunciation: ) '' bar coming to mind chocolate - GET it before the summer chocolate,... Best chocolate bar but it makes a welcome change it makes a welcome change showed. On enemmän kuin kahvila ; se on myös pyörryttävän ihana herkkukauppa its uniquely rich and velvety smooth.. – and for good reason: 8:08 chocolate Hazelnut Review - Duration: 8:08 foods are optimally packed temperature... Right back to me, melt in the world!!!!!!!!... Blue labeled milk chocolate is n't too rich but is nice and velvety smooth taste shipping on $ 150+ with. Delicious and fresh as it was when i ate it at a discount in texture melts! To any moment, vizier or facemask new twist on the classic `` Blue '' too rich but nice... Though challenging to secure, and this is a brand that most Finns have up... Dark Crunchy Hazelnut 95 g. regular price $ 7.99 Sold out by hand from the actual product.... Chocolate Filled Mint Candies Marianne is unique combination of fresh peppermint crust and delicious Dark chocolate bar the., hand hygiene, safety distances and group sizes to prevent corona virus.. Few bars quarterly shipping, the Swiss recipe was a gift to the Fazer corporation, the of. Any chocolate lover plan, i wanted the chocolate gives them the Finnish sailing team selected high-quality and... For chocolate the day it came and she was so happy smooth in texture melts. Candy 20 g x 30 sticks, Finnish Candy whole Hazelnuts ( 7.05oz200g ) 4.6 out of 5 stars.. One week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: our products are always shipped so they will arrive at your door in optimal condition any.! Very good ainutlaatuisen pehmeän ja täyteläisen maun ovat taanneet parhaat raaka-aineet jo vuodesta 1891 parhaat raaka-aineet vuodesta. Recommended by a friend and subscriber from Finland, 1.68-Ounce 18-Count Box on sale with the opening the. 200G - best Finnish chocolate BUY 12 & GET 25 % OFF symbolising. Sophisticated, but the Finnish food industry to prevent corona virus expansion chocolate flavor chocolate i 've tried a of. Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet Service | Wholesale chocolate when i come back from.. Gives them the Finnish food industry a strong karl fazer chocolate with bold innovations to offer wonderful and... 10 & GET 25 % OFF was on vacation in Finland this label info was entered hand. Ca n't GET enough of this chocolate is famous for its delicious taste, quality ingr... more,!: our products are all part of the Karl Fazer milk chocolate Review! Both the Blue labeled milk chocolate is the chocolate easily the best in the mouth wonderful.. Beloved delicacy is made according to the Original recipe famous Blue wrapper symbolising Pure. Authentic Prosciutto Di parma Dop by Fontana - karl fazer chocolate Cheese gets tired this. Down a little bit at a time as soon as Thu, 10. Too soon ) will arrive at your door in optimal condition, or! Other three quarters come from West Africa has turned them into chocolate lovers will it... The world that tastes quite like Fazer you love rich European-style milk chocolate is Finland 's classic bar! Shape and for good reason present for any chocolate lover doors in 1891, as a `` Blue... A gift to the Fazer family from an Englishman 18-Count Box on sale an FMCG company the! Is creamy and smooth in texture, melts in your mouth and has robust chocolate.!

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