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The serrated bread knife drew right through our baguette loaves, making us dream of a second career as an apprentice in a French boulangerie. Some are angled, while others are straight. When there's a product everyone's talking about on the internet, we know we have to get our hands on it. Here's what to consider: Handle: The first thing you’ll likely notice are the different handles and how they attach to the blade. Lightweight and ergonomic, the handle is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver and the start button makes operation simple and intuitive. This Japanese knife excelled at all tasks but wowed us with its ability to power through chicken bones. We minced. The “right” knives for your kitchen depends on the type of cooking you do, of course. The best high quality, Western-style Japanese kitchen knives with sharp edges and the ultimate edge retention from brands like Shun, Kuma, and Miyabi. The pricey set comes with just three knives: an 8-inch chef’s knife, 3 1/2-inch paring knife and 7-inch santoku knife. As avid home cooks, we already spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, but as our dining room table became overtaken with woodblocks filled with knives to test, we quickly found ourselves continually looking for things to chop. Lasers are then used to angle the edges of the blades for precision sharpness, and the process seems to have succeeded. Need another slice of crusty bread? If you have the money to invest, however, we think the classic, elegant set will not only look like a crown jewel on your kitchen counter, but also continue to dazzle for a lifetime. However, we are looking at their latest creation. But with so many options and price points on the market, choosing a knife set can be confusing. The three winners earned points for great maneuverability, aesthetics and included extras. It also comes with a protective plastic covering, making it extra safe to store. We found ourselves repeatedly using terms like “full tang” (when a blade is constructed of one metal piece that extends the length of the handle, which is preferable), “forged steel” (pricier than its stamped counterpart, but sturdier) and “heavy bolster” (the junction between the blade and handle that helps with balance). This was read aloud to us while we were chopping, and we looked down to see we were, indeed, holding the knife just so. The best bread knives you can buy. Why didn’t those win? In fact, the heavy handles, paired with thin blades, seemed to affect the balance of the knives. But their special PEtec edge is created by robots sharpening the blades on a whetstone to a precise and consistent sharpness, making them a self-proclaimed “20% sharper with twice the edge retention,” which means you’ll hardly ever have to sharpen them. But decent for newbie cooks? Overall, this is a nice starter set for those testing the knife set waters, but more serious cooks will likely want sharper tools. The German classic is fully forged and has a full tang, which helps it feel perfectly balanced and ergonomic in your hand. (See below for a full breakdown of how we evaluated each set.) It also includes a slim dark wood knife block, which we liked, but the included honing steel and shears felt like afterthought additions. There’s no denying it: These are the sharpest knives we have ever used. After plenty of chopping, slicing and dicing, the Chicago Cutlery knives remained as sharp as their brand-new counterparts. Well, they’re pretty much worth their budget price tag. This knife was a top-performer in almost every test. Their kitchen knives have been around for years, and the 18-Piece kitchen knife set with block wooden is known for being one of the best. And while we had to put more elbow grease into our chops than we did with higher-end models, they generally performed well — especially the chef’s knife. Cuisinart C77SS 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set ($59.99; Also putting Chicago over the top were all the extras: The steak knives performed great while slicing through grilled filet mignon and the two santoku knives were handy for slicing cheese, mincing garlic and scooping everything off the cutting board. As far as performance, the all-stainless steel, full-tang knives handled well and felt balanced, although they did feel overly heavy in our hands. When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. While many home cooks will fare just fine with a basic chef’s, paring and serrated knife, investing in a set, housed neatly in a handsome knife block, adds versatility — and, for real cooking nerds, even joy — to meal-making. The chef's knife , usually 8 inches long, is the most important and the workhorse of the kitchen. We trimmed. They felt very slick in hand, making for an unsure grip. Emojoy 18- Piece Kitchen Knife Set With Wooden Block. Henckels Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Victorinox Rosewood Forged 8-Inch Chef's Knife, Mercer Culinary Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef's Knife, Notched blade prevents food from sticking, Works as a boning knife and carving knife, Hollow edge design for slicing, boning, and filleting. Some will come with as many as 14 pieces plus a sharpening stone and holder. (Did you know that dull knives are actually more dangerous?) Here's a list of the best kitchen knife block sets of 2020. By subscribing, you agree to our privacy policy. It includes only four knives for its hefty price, and the extras it comes with ー a sharpening steel and a pair of shears ーwere uncomfortable to use and seemed oddly mismatched with the rest of the set (read: different, lesser quality). You don’t have to be a professional chef to need a good kitchen knife set. We also especially enjoyed slicing tomatoes and cutting carrots with this knife — it was almost too easy! This excellent J.A. One thing that truly sets this set apart from our top choice is the ice-hardened, precision-honed blades. The utility knife, meanwhile, cut easily through apples and avocados, but wasn’t quite as sharp as the paring knife. 2-in-1 Kitchen Knife Accessories: 3-Stage Knife Sharpener Helps Repair, Restore and Polish Blades and Cut-Resistant Glove 4.5 out of 5 stars 8,419 $19.99 $ 19 . Now that you know the basics of a good kitchen knife, let us have a look at these excellent 10 best kitchen knife set in 2020 that we have in store for you today. If you invest in one cooking tool, this should be it. It comes in cute packaging that is not only safe and easy to open, but also instructs you how to hold the knife and how to use the entire blade like a pro. Besides the fact that you get a whole lot of knives (8-inch chef’s, 7-inch santoku, 8-inch slicing, 8-inch bread, 5 1/2-inch utility, 6-inch boning, 3 1/2-inch paring and eight steak knives), plus kitchen shears, a sharpener and the rubber-wood storage block, the quality here for $70 is respectable. A chef's knife (sometimes called a cook's knife) is the most important knife to have in your kitchen. Plus, there’s even a pair of kitchen scissors, a pizza knife and even a cheese knife. Not only did the core knives included (chef’s, paring, utility and serrated) perform admirably, but the set included a bevy of extras, including a full set of steak knives. For those who are just beginning to equip their kitchens, there are many high-quality stainless steel kitchen knife sets in this price range to choose from. As for their performance when tested against the same never-been-used blades? _________________________________________________________, Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel 15-piece Knife Block Set ($219.99, originally $269.99; or or $239.99; The 8-inch is our Best Overall Japanese Knife and the Premiere is another favorite that has a wider handle that fits comfortably in the hand and a sturdy dimpled blade that glides through food without feeling brittle. No. The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17-Piece Knife Block Set sets you up to easily take on almost any cutting job and is a heck of a steal at just $106 (originally $119.99). The forged blades are made using high-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel. We also did the paper test, where the ability of the knife to easily slice through a piece of basic printer paper without snagging or catching shows it’s properly sharpened. The usual knives you’d expect in a set are also included. Success! So why you are looking for a single cooking knife? It glided through onions, potatoes and tomatoes, took the corn off the cob with ease and sliced through the tough rind of a pineapple like it was nothing. Sure. From sharpness to balance to heft, to the sleek and sophisticated appearance of the four included knives — plus a sharpening steel and kitchen shears, in their classic wood block — we quickly discovered why this family-owned German company has been lauded for turning out high-quality knives for more than 200 years. The knife's gorgeous rosewood curved handle gives you a comfy, ergonomic grip. You know that saying “It cut like a hot knife through butter”? (Santoku knives, by the way, are similar to chef’s knives, but are thinner, with no tip and often have small divots on the edges to keep food from sticking to them. The ergonomic handles could be a little small for those with big hands, but we found them to be just right. They’re BPA-free and come with matching sheaths so they can be easily stored in a drawer, saving precious counter space. Hands down, Shun is the winner. we were impressed by the completeness and overall execution of this wallet-friendly set, durable, beautiful and razor-sharp Damascus stainless steel blades, full-tang titanium nitride-coated German steel blades. And, yes, tempting as it may be to throw your knives into the dishwasher, this set, as with pretty much all the knives we tested, should be carefully hand-washed to preserve longevity. We also checked the comfort of the handle and grip and the overall experience using the knife, looking for knives that rocked back and forth easily and required little pressure to cut through meat. We weren’t crazy-wowed, but we weren’t disappointed, either. The blades, meanwhile, are a point of differentiation from the other sets. Filter By: Price $ 4 $ 100. We tested with home cooks in mind and evaluated how well each knife cut and retained an edge after slicing and chopping through onions, whole chickens, cooked steak, carrots, and cheddar cheese. thinkkitchen Chef Cutting Board. We looked at what was offered and how useful those items were. The curved blade of the chef’s knife was helpful in chopping, but its thinness made it feel a bit light. The handle sits in the center of your palm, making this knife a true extension of your hand. Tang: Some knives also have a full tang, which means the blade runs through the handle and helps balance it. We tested with home cooks in mind and evaluated how well each knife … We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Stuff happens, so we noted warranty information (tease: most had limited lifetime warranties). When you’re seeking out knives that are super sharp, durable, ergonomic and will last a lifetime, we highly suggest you stop and give this standout set a good look. Why trust us? What can we make with minced garlic and minced onions? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Swissmar Spachello Slice and Spread Knife, KitchenAid 5 ½" Serrated Utility Knife #5070264, Schmidt Brothers Forge Series 5.5" Slicer, Sabatier 5" Serrated Utility Knife #5091707, Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute, What to consider when shopping for a chef's knife, Senior Editor & Product Analyst, Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab. We ordered two of each set so that after spending several days slicing and dicing our hearts out, we were able to compare the used knives’s sharpness to their just-out-of-the-box twins. The knives stayed sharp through our multitude of tests, and we were big fans of the cushion-grip handles that kept them from slipping, as well as the classic look of the chestnut-stained wood block. But if you’re looking to make an investment in your kitchen tools, we can’t think of a better place to start. If you’re looking for pure sharpness? Cool, huh? Admittedly, we thought the claim that the block’s built-in ceramic sharpeners would work with each use was a gimmick, but we were quickly impressed that the knives really did seem to get sharper every time we chopped and sliced. Plus, it is exceptionally sharp and took practically zero effort to drag through a few-days-old loaf of crusty bread, take the rind off a cantaloupe or slice uber-thin pieces from a tender tomato or peach, earning it more points than the Zwilling or Wüsthof versions. The box promotes the fact that the knives are designed with a unique ergonomic and curved bolster (where the knife meets the handle) to support the “professional pinch grip” — where your thumb and index finger rest on the blade for safer cutting. Henckels International 15-Piece Statement Knife Block Set. Our biases were so wrong.

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